Our mission is to bring you THE LOOK OF SEATING® — contemporary & timeless styles featuring outstanding design and unmatched craftsmanship.

Committed to delivering distinguished styling, Aceray’s team is proud to introduce you to an array of contemporary and classic seating designs. Established professionals in the furniture industry, we are experienced in product selection, product presentation and the logistics of making contemporary seating solutions available to architects, interior designers and other business professionals.

Our strength lies in uncovering the hidden talents of established and young designers from around the world. They care about the pieces they create and it shows in their original and innovative styles. In addition, you may select items from our assortment of timeless pieces – seating solutions that have made furniture history. Should your client desire, most of our products could be customized and finished according to their wishes.

Aceray eliminates the obstacles that prevent countless small and mid-size manufacturing companies from bringing their best designs to your attention. We sponsor upcoming designers, help them to realize their creations, and give you, the business professional, the opportunity to design interiors like no other — interiors that stand out.

Built by experienced manufacturers for quality and long-lasting durability, this commercial grade furniture is exclusively distributed by Aceray. We deliver an impressive collection of contemporary seating solutions and award-winning items suitable for furnishing restaurants, cafés, hotels, corporate offices, museums, private residences and more.

Blending the creativity of international designers with our access to worldwide furniture markets and our local distribution center, Aceray delivers hidden talent to your doorstep.

Environmental Statement
Aceray is dedicated to programs that recycle industrial waste from manufacturing and distribution activities. Products are made in Italy where manufacturing conforms to different regulatory agencies than products made in the United States. Our manufacturing methods are not harmful to the environment and surpass the strict rules imposed by the European Union. The factories Aceray works with follow the more stringent codes of the European Union for air emissions and waste discharge.

As part of Aceray’s dedication to minimize the impact on the environment, Aceray recycles or reuses most shipping materials, implements a recycling program at their Headquarters and donates old product samples. Aceray also works with educational facilities to repurpose sample product chips and out of date marketing materials.

We have chosen to use materials that are always in agreement with the highest environmental requirements; low formaldehyde emissions, water based finishing systems, recyclable materials and FSC certified lumber. Wood components, polypropylene and metal frame products can be 100% recycled.

Aceray’s contemporary seating solutions are available online or via phone. If you’re a business professional, simply register online to receive wholesale conditions. To view sales & freight terms click here. If you have any other questions — e-mail us, or call 303 733 3404 to speak directly with an Aceray sales representative.