Aceray Introduces SPAZIO Modular Lounge

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Resimercial is one of the big design buzzwords in 2019. It certainly is a great mashup. Corporatality is another mashup we like. If incorporating a home-like feeling at the office is du jour, we believe designing with a hospitality aesthetic can be just as comforting.

This is why we designed Spazio, a modular lounge seating system with variable lengths and widths that can be configured into unlimited arrangements and fit most spaces. Spazio features movable backs, allowing users to arrange a lounge area to find their comfort. Its larger sections can also function as group seats, oversized ottomans or coffee tables. Beyond its capacity for countless lounge arrangements, we made Spazio to provide durable comfort and be the modular lounge system ideal for today’s office environments – and a great option for hospitality.