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DADO Lounge Armchair

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An Inviting, Modern Wingback Armchair

Aceray is known for its captivating interpretations of the classic wingback armchair. This year, we introduce DADO, an inviting addition to our collection of armchairs, offering a luxurious, yet playful style.

DADO is a Scandinavian inspired lounge chair that blends a restrained design with Aceray’s modern aesthetic. Its tall back with extended curves lend a sculptured look that is ready to define its space. The wood frame and injection molded foam seat provide a generous and supportive seat that inspires the lounge experience.

The Versatile Look of DADO

The versatility of DADO offers comes from the variety of styling opportunities that make it a perfect match for hospitality and office lounge spaces. Customize DADO with the choice of five bases – including three swivel – and standard or custom wood finishes and upholstery options*.

Click to see the full series: DADO by Aceray

* Aceray is committed to your health, from safe handling of products and maintaining high environmental standards to offering anti-microbrial fabrics through our upholstery partners.

TIVOLI Seating Collection

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Classic Furniture Style With A Modern Design

TIVOLI is an inspired, full seating collection from Aceray that elevates the classic Windsor spindled chair with modern aesthetics focused on style and design.

Defined by its spindled backs and sides, TIVOLI seating collection presents an eye-catching silhouette that balances a classic style with sleek modern lines. The bentwood spindles slope from the frames to TIVOLI’s generous seats, lending an airy feel with a relaxed comfort, perfect for hospitality interiors.

Its union of classic and modern styles makes TIVOLI an instant favorite with hospitality designers looking for versatility when creating unique interiors. Whether you choose the all-wood option or chairs with upholstered seats, this collection of chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs and high seating sits well in casual spaces yet is ready to be dressed-up for upscale settings.

TIVOLI is handcrafted from solid ash wood and made to last for years. While the spindled styling offers definition, it also provides structure as the spindles connect at the seat base, adding strength between the seats and frame. Choose from standard wood stains or custom match stains, and, from COM, COL, or Aceray graded-in upholstery* for the upholstered seats.

The Complete Tivoli Furniture Collection

* Aceray is committed to your health, from safe handling of products and maintaining high environmental standards to offering anti-microbrial fabrics through our upholstery partners.

The UNICO Privacy Collection

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Privacy with Style

For hotel guests or office workers, finding a private space in public areas can be a bit of a challenge. And creating a stylish and seamless privacy area can be equally challenging for designers.

Last year, we introduced UNICO, a privacy chair that creates a compelling look to many interior, communal spaces. Designers found UNICO’s unique style intriguing and were equally impressed how its contoured shape envelopes guests to create a quiet, personal, and comfortable lounging experience.

A Complete Lounge Seating Collection

This year, we added seating and design options to build a complete privacy seating collection. Our UNICO privacy chair is now also available with a chrome swivel base, featuring optional memory return. We’ve also introduced the UNICO-LOVE, a cozy sofa perfect for two. Complete the lounge look with an UNICO ottoman, available in stationary wood leg or chrome swivel base options.

UNICO’s Form Is Its Function

Its tall back with exaggerated wings extends from a low-set, deep seat that provides expansive acoustic and visual privacy while lending a distinctive style for multi-purpose, public areas. While each UNICO is perfectly designed for personal privacy, pairing the chairs, sofa and ottomans together is an excellent opportunity to create a fun, private retreat or a stylish meeting space.

To personalize your privacy area, choose from standard wood stains or custom match stains, and, from COM, COL, or Aceray graded-in upholstery* for the upholstered seats.

* Aceray is committed to your health, from safe handling of products and maintaining high environmental standards to offering anti-microbrial fabrics through our upholstery partners.

Aceray Molto seating collection of chairs and high seating

Design Expressive Spaces with MOLTO

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A Versatile Hospitality Seating Collection

The A & D community knows Aceray delivers timeless, contract seating. Our furniture is well suited for hospitality and commercial spaces with collections that provide designers versatility to create uniquely styled spaces.

Front, back and hero views of the Aceray Molto-1 side chairs
With stretchers built under the seat, the Molto-1 chair offers a clean, modern look

This year we introduced Molto, a well-considered seating collection, fitting that sweet spot of contract quality and affordability. Designers find the modern sensibility and styling versatility of this collection appealing, as Molto provides opportunities to create spaces for a contemporary aesthetic.

Molto’s high seating is stylish, comfortable, and durable

Molto brings distinction in its subtlety. Designed with a subtle contoured to seats and backs, this collection offers ergonomic seating for guests allowing for a comfortable lounging experience. We built the stretchers for each Molto directly under the seat, providing strength and stability while offering a clean look that allows designers to realize a complete and expressive space.

The Molto-7 lounge chairs are perfect for lobby seatings or as a dining chair

From COM, COL and graded-in fabrics to beech wood and steel finishes, every selection of this seating collection is customizable. Molto’s list price is set at a point where many other collections in its category are already discounted. For quality, style, and price, Molto by Aceray is sure to satisfy budget conscious hospitality clients.

The Playfully Elegant BOLIDE Lounge

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Inspire imagination with Bolide, a new lounge collection exclusive to Aceray. This collection marries deco and modern styling and its curved design and polished chrome steel legs offer touches of playful elegance. Bolide comes in three widths and is a perfect addition to hospitality spaces and lounge settings.

Aceray Introduces SPAZIO Modular Lounge

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Resimercial is one of the big design buzzwords in 2019. It certainly is a great mashup. Corporatality is another mashup we like. If incorporating a home-like feeling at the office is du jour, we believe designing with a hospitality aesthetic can be just as comforting.

This is why we designed Spazio, a modular lounge seating system with variable lengths and widths that can be configured into unlimited arrangements and fit most spaces. Spazio features movable backs, allowing users to arrange a lounge area to find their comfort. Its larger sections can also function as group seats, oversized ottomans or coffee tables. Beyond its capacity for countless lounge arrangements, we made Spazio to provide durable comfort and be the modular lounge system ideal for today’s office environments – and a great option for hospitality.

The Simple Beauty of BALLO

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WHEAT RIDGE, CO – Aceray introduced several furniture collections in 2019, each offering modern creating trend setting styles that defined the new, contemporary look in furniture designs.

One such collection is the versatile BALLO, a full family of commercial seating for dining, lounge, guest, bar and counter areas. Handcrafted with solid ash wood frames and generously padded seats, BALLO combines modern lines and subtle flair, lending a refined perspective with a playful approach.

Distinguished by its design details, BALLO, includes tufted upholstery and angled side stretchers. These lend a style appropriate for many commercial interior spaces, a favorite for hospitality environments yet well suited for office and educational spaces. As with nearly all Aceray designs, BALLO is available in standard or custom stains and fabrics, providing even more design versatility

The BALLO collection was designed by Carlesi Tonelli, the creative team behind several of Aceray’s top-selling collections such as GALA, PRISMA, and MIRA as well as MOLTO and UNICO. This team finds inspiration in new trends, new materials and technologies to develop innovative and sustainable products.

For 18 years, Aceray has blended old world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to deliver modern yet timeless furniture collections. They have cultivated a team of international furniture designers whose inspirations provide interior designers great opportunities to compose unique and memorable spaces.

Aceray Brano-6 counter stool along window in New York City hotel lounge area

BRANO Brings Design Versatility to Hospitality Spaces

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We find joy adding subtle details in our designs. We create our collections with nuanced details that make them distinctive and lend creative styling opportunities for interior spaces.

Our Brano collection is a well styled and distinctive, offering subtlety in craft by our artisan furniture designers and craftsman. This collection features dining and high-seating options that can be styled for casual to formal hospitality settings.

Aceray Brano-1S stacking side chair stack of two
BRANO-1S side chair stacks four high

The Brano-1S, our stacking side chair, offers a wonderful look while offering excellent comfort. This dining chair is framed by solid wood beech wood that bends gently along the upholstered back and seat.

With options for an upholstered or open back, the Brano-5 barstool and Brano-6 counter stool provide options for one of kind looks in bar and high-seating areas. As with the Brano-1, these high-seats are beech wood framed, with a stainless footrest along the front stretcher. As with nearly all of our collections, each of our Brano seats are available with standard or custom stains and finishes as well as choice of COM, COL or Aceray graded-in upholstery.