TIVOLI Seating Collection

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Classic Furniture Style With A Modern Design

TIVOLI is an inspired, full seating collection from Aceray that elevates the classic Windsor spindled chair with modern aesthetics focused on style and design.

Defined by its spindled backs and sides, TIVOLI seating collection presents an eye-catching silhouette that balances a classic style with sleek modern lines. The bentwood spindles slope from the frames to TIVOLI’s generous seats, lending an airy feel with a relaxed comfort, perfect for hospitality interiors.

Its union of classic and modern styles makes TIVOLI an instant favorite with hospitality designers looking for versatility when creating unique interiors. Whether you choose the all-wood option or chairs with upholstered seats, this collection of chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs and high seating sits well in casual spaces yet is ready to be dressed-up for upscale settings.

TIVOLI is handcrafted from solid ash wood and made to last for years. While the spindled styling offers definition, it also provides structure as the spindles connect at the seat base, adding strength between the seats and frame. Choose from standard wood stains or custom match stains, and, from COM, COL, or Aceray graded-in upholstery* for the upholstered seats.

The Complete Tivoli Furniture Collection

* Aceray is committed to your health, from safe handling of products and maintaining high environmental standards to offering anti-microbrial fabrics through our upholstery partners.