The UNICO Privacy Collection

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Privacy with Style

For hotel guests or office workers, finding a private space in public areas can be a bit of a challenge. And creating a stylish and seamless privacy area can be equally challenging for designers.

Last year, we introduced UNICO, a privacy chair that creates a compelling look to many interior, communal spaces. Designers found UNICO’s unique style intriguing and were equally impressed how its contoured shape envelopes guests to create a quiet, personal, and comfortable lounging experience.

A Complete Lounge Seating Collection

This year, we added seating and design options to build a complete privacy seating collection. Our UNICO privacy chair is now also available with a chrome swivel base, featuring optional memory return. We’ve also introduced the UNICO-LOVE, a cozy sofa perfect for two. Complete the lounge look with an UNICO ottoman, available in stationary wood leg or chrome swivel base options.

UNICO’s Form Is Its Function

Its tall back with exaggerated wings extends from a low-set, deep seat that provides expansive acoustic and visual privacy while lending a distinctive style for multi-purpose, public areas. While each UNICO is perfectly designed for personal privacy, pairing the chairs, sofa and ottomans together is an excellent opportunity to create a fun, private retreat or a stylish meeting space.

To personalize your privacy area, choose from standard wood stains or custom match stains, and, from COM, COL, or Aceray graded-in upholstery* for the upholstered seats.

* Aceray is committed to your health, from safe handling of products and maintaining high environmental standards to offering anti-microbrial fabrics through our upholstery partners.